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How Much Is A Cord of Wood?

fw2So how much wood am I really getting? How many cubic feet are in a cord of wood? When trying to decide who you’re going to buy your firewood from it often comes down to price and quantity. Most suppliers will either tell you they have X number of cords or partial cords of wood. Or at the other end of the spectrum you will see them telling what size pickup truck they will deliver in. If you know the size of the truck bed you can use this to calculate how much wood they will be supplying you.

A cord of firewood is measured as wood stacked 4′ deep x 4′ high x 8′ long. This is normally done with 2 rows because most people cannot fit 4′ long pieces into their stoves. If you can get a general measurement of the overall amount of wood you’re buying, you can simply use this math to calculate how much wood you will be buying.

To calculate the number of cords you are getting:
(Depth of Stack x Height of Stack x Length of Stack)  = Cubic Feet of wood.
To calculate number of cords, divide the total Cubic Feet by 128. 

Example: A stack measuring 4′ D x 5’H x 12’L would be calculated as (4 x 5 x 12) =240 cubic feet of wood. To figure up how many cords this would be, simply divide 240 by 128, which will give you 1.875 cords.